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Samantha - Canadian cheerleader - French - Quebec born and raised.

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everyone looks so basic compared to the girl with the fro

except Edie
because Edie is flawless

and she’s Aussie so she is more fierce lol

yeah pretty much, they all look awesome and are awesome expec edie
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I’m so happy for you guys!

I love the sashes!
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So incredibly happy for my team! We went out there this weekend and gave everything we had BOTH days and walked away day two with a ZERO DEDUCTION routine! I love this team more then I have loved any other team and I wouldn’t change or replace the 19 other girls on the team for anything. I am so grateful to be able to be in such an amazing program with the best coaches i have ever had! Going home with 2nd place AND a at large Worlds bid! Could be happier and can’t wait for practice Tuesday!! 💙🌏💙🌏
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Holy ACX, come to momma😍😂
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pay attention, don’t look back, tsunami is on the attack 🌊 #icc #iccsoutherns #surreytwisters
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In case you were wondering why I haven’t been on recently, it’s cause I’ve been practicing for this competition! It paid off cause we got first!  I’m with my flyer Rayquisha (Rachel) and I love her so much.

that is one fierce double
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This makes me so proud to be British <3 
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Here’s a picture of me and and my husband ok
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Kiara’s message to coach Eddie :)